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Bridal Makeup Artist and Wedding Makeup Artist - helpful hints and advice :

1. What is a wedding / bridal  makeup consultation?
It is a 30-minute, online or phone advice service and information about the theme of the look, rates,
etc. You may offer this service for free.

Trial session: Ask the bride to show up with a white color outfit and to bring a few photos of what she
may have in mind for the makeup. This service is priced at 20% up to 50% of the full  bridal
application rate.
Bridal contract security deposit: 50% of the full  bridal application rate will be paid to honor the
reservation for the wedding date.

Security deposit is non-refundable. That is why they call it a "Security Deposit." Make sure to make a
copy of the signed contract so that each party will have a copy.

Click to get a free down load for a sample bridal/ wedding contract
Makeup artist helpful tips & free downloads
Bridal and Wedding Makeup Artist tips and helpful check list:
Prepare yourself for what may go wrong. Always keep two different phone numbers from the bride. Make sure to call and email the bride on the week of the
event and to touch base on all the details; such as the final location, the final number of party for makeup, start and the finishing times, and the balance
due. Always ask for
cash on the day of event, sorry no checks or credit cards!

Get a free download of the Bridal Touch Base email and Free download of a professional sample for an initial response to a bridal inquiry:
Click to get one free copy of a professional initial response
How to become  a successful freelance bridal and wedding makeup artist:
1- One must have a professional training to become assertive and confident with their skills. There are so much that you could learn in a proper makeup
artist educational program. If you choose the right institute it would be an investment worth while.
2- Put yourself out there. Think of where a bride would look for a makeup artist. Places such as: bridal shows and weeding expos, online wedding sites,
salons, spas, etc.
3- Give a reason to a bride to call you for a consultation. The new age of makeup artistry is evolving with the use of the computer. Get a professional
website, have your photos presentable by using some kind of Photoshop software, offer free trials if you must to get started.
Makeup Artist Jobs and Employment Opportunities - tips & tools:

Are you getting a media job in a production/ photo shoot? Then you need this one: Get a free down load for a production free lancer
Click to read more about referrals and freelance tips
Here is down load of your trial session info email  this will save you so much time and future complications.
How much should I charge? This is a question that so many of you have asked that I have posted it for all to use my tips.

It is a good idea not to under charge or over charge a production. Some productions are use to pay $2000 a day to a makeup artist and when you say you
charge only $200, they may be a little concerned about your services.
So what is a professional to do in a case like this? If I am not sure who am I dealing with or what there budget is, I'm straight forward and I ask them. Here is
the magic question: What is your budget for this shoot as far for a makeup artist and makeup supplies (KIT Charge)?
If they answer "Well we don't know.  How much do you charge?" You then say: "My rate varies. Let me know your minimum and maximum budget and I
will see what I can do for you."
Get them to give you a number. You would be surprised how many times I have heard a number that was bigger than what I had in mind. And don't forget
if the number is average like $ 250-ish per day, you can always ask for: "How about $300; could we do it for 3?"
It is called the "Art of Negotiation."
Where to Look for a Job - tips and tools:

Open the Yellow Pages and look for all of the businesses that may have a use for your skill. Remember no job will knock on your door, you must take
action and look for it.
1-  beauty shops
2- hair salons
3- spas
4- glamour shot studios
5- makeup counters (there are so many cosmetic counters looking to fill retail positions)
6- mortuary homes
7- bridal freelancer
8- prom (stick a flier at the college or high school in your neighborhood)
9- commercial productions
10-TV stations
11- music video productions
12- independent film productions
13- makeup artist agencies
14- runway shows
15- Print & media work (you will get these job through an agency, photographer, or a producer).
16- high fashion photo studios
17- start doing business with friends and family
18- One-on-One makeup lessons to private clients
19- bridal expos & shows
20-  link your Web site to other advertising Web sites, such as wedding
21- Advertise yourself at (don’t forget to mention that you’re a HEX makeup school graduate!)
22- Leave some business cards at bridal boutiques and flower shops that will refer you to other clients.
23- Come up with some new ideas that work for you in your surroundings.

Why should someone contact you and hire you? You must have good photos on your Web site to give your potential clients a reason to contact you.
Word of mouth is another way but that may take some time.

How would someone know about you? You must get your name out there. If no one knows of you and your talent it does not matter how good you are
because you won’t get any contacts. So invest on advertising yourself or get your name out there however that may be possible for you.
Please read and take advantage of these tips and tools and also email this site to your friends. Let's help the circle of our friendship grow.
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